Spy Voice Recorder in Power Bank

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Spy Wall Listening Device

Spy Voice Recorder in Power Bank

Code No:-290

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Action india present world class spy voice recorder for app.6 day continuous recording if you want long voice recording in hidden condition use this product its made with japanese technology and its performance is definitely very good for voice recording.its power bank also working and use as a original power bank and its voice recorder is 100% hidden if any person try to find the voice recorder they can not find the voice recorder so buy now and take the latest technology benefits.


  • Input:DC5V-1000MA/H
  • Output:DC5.0V-1000mA(MAX)
  • Tape format:MP3
  • The rate of sampling record:44.1KHZ
  • Recording speed:64Kbps
  • TF card capacity:1GB-32GB,the recording is about 50 to 60 MB per hour.
  • Battery capacity:4000mA/h
  • Working time:Full of electricity can record 130 hours.
  • USB interface, compatible with USB.1 downward.
  • Supported system:Windows2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Charging time:5 to 7 hours
  • Temperature protection:Battery 55 ?
  • Weight:About 150 grams
  • Details:-

  • 130 Hours Continuous Working Voice Recorder
  • This product is simple, beautiful, practical and easy to carry.
  • It is an practical instrument for business negotiation,
  • collecting judicial evidence, outdoor sports and etc
  • three main functions:
  • Mobile power supply function,
  • audio function, lighting function,
  • portable USB flash drive.