Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio

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Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio

Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio

Code No:- 228

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Warranty:- 1 Years

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Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio

It is a Passive infrared sensor, is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light radiating from objects of its field of view. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit heat
energy in the form of radiations; these radiations are not visible with naked eyes as they are in the form of infrared wavelength. It is a motion based detector used to sense movement of
people, animal and other objects. Our product is compact in size, clear voice, long standby time, easy to operate, good performance and easy to install. It also can be operated with the
help of Remote Control. After turning on the device, just wait for millisecond until it can fetch the data and you can clearly listen the communication about 10 meter range.

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Standby current: below 0.05 mA.
Working current: below 50 mA.
Sensitivity: 5-8m centre angle 90°.
Working temperature: -5 to 40°.
Working humidity: 5% to 93%.
Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 14 mm.
When body get pass through this device, it detects the signal and activated alarm.
Easily installed in indoor, financial office, master room, children's room, warehouse, hospital and any other places needed security control.
Low power consumption.
Long Standby time.
Accuracy alarming.
Sense the body movements within angle range around 120°of both left and right sides in the area of 5 meters around.

Package Includes:-

1 x Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio.
1 x Remote Control.
1 x User manual.