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Mobile Watch Phone

How much time is it? If someone asks you this you would either look at your watch or at your phone. What if you could wear one gadget with features same as both how cool it would look with Mobile Watch it is possible. We carry our world along with us. Do you ever think that your watch will become your phone supporting each and every feature of phone and the best part is that you can easily wear it on your wrist? It has all the features similar to a conventional mobile phone without compromising on anything and supports every minute feature like texting, calling, in built games, clocks, cameras, email facility, touch screen, supports multi languages, supports any image file format, in built compass to help find the location, facilities of reading and storing e-books It also has FM Radio, Media player, Bluetooth, supports GPRS and other features.

It is a gift to mankind from mankind. Seeing it on a global level that is taking this concept to a bigger level like implementing it in countries like India where the government is focusing on make in India so this could be a revolution in the field of science and technology and would bring a good name to the country and also to actually doing something towards making smart cities first we need to make its people smart so initiatives such as Mobile Watch in India is likely a key factor and should be taken under consideration. Mobile watch is easy to use as its functions are very simple. Anyone can operate these watches. It can be used by kids, teenagers, and parents also. They can keep track of their children where they are and what they are doing? They can now by tracking their location by this GPS tracker watch. It can be wear on wrist and is fashionable with this watch you can take pictures and make videos which no other watches can do and that’s what makes it unique. They are high tech touch screen phone tendered in the form of a watch with GSM compatibility it supports 3GP, mp3,FM radio, stereo loudspeakers, also supports WAP, MMS, SMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB cable. Transferring of data or attending phone calls is possible. It supports non-driver U disk function, calling picture recognition and picture screen protection are enabled in it plus one can video call on it and calling ringtone recognition. We have designed watches which have features of walkie-talkie which you can wear and remember not hold it, if it senses no transmission for 5 seconds it automatically switches to power saver mode however it can still operate in this mode efficaciously. Another unique advantage is that it has auto squelch feature which means the watch automatically cancels weak transmission and unwanted noise.

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