Spy GPS Tracker Watch Mobile

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Spy GPS Tracker Watch Mobile

Spy GPS Tracker Watch Mobile

Code No:- 115

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Warranty: 1 Years

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Spy GPS Tracker Watch Mobile

Active India Digital Products introducing Spy GPS Tracker Watch Mobile. This is a great GPS gadget to have at hand, you can even sent text message to this GPS cell phone wrist watch
and it will reply with the exact coordinates of its location, which is great for keeping an eye on loved ones. Once you receive the coordinates, you can load up Google maps on your laptop
computer, input the coordinates and you'll be able to see exactly with pinpoint accuracy the location of the cell phone GPS watch. This GPS gadget comes with One SOS also comes with
two way calling feature that allow up to 3 phone numbers to be stored. You can speed dial three phone numbers just to push a button. You can easily program the device to receive a
phone call with auto enabled which means the caller can listen the conversation (this feature is very useful for private investigation, string operation).

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Ideal for hiking, rock climbing, camping, boating, driving and so on...
Emit audible sound to give accurate reading.
Diamond indicator will be showed by glowing green light if the stone is real.
Compatible with dual frequencies of 900MHz/1800MHz or 850MHz/1900MHz.
Metal alert continuous buzzing sound when the user accidentally touches metal rather than stone.
1.5 inch LCD display and LED indicator.
1.5 inch LCD display and LED indicator.
Quad band.
Working temperature should be -20 to +650 C.
Working humidity must be 5%-95%.
Storage temperature -45 to +90.
Takes 2sec to start known as Hot Start & warm start within 35 sec.
Accurately Fixed Position: 3.0 ms 2 Ds-RMS, DGPS - 2.5 m, Speed Position: 0.1 ms/s, DGPS: 0.05 ms/s.
Five buttons: ON/OFF, MODE, SOS, Call 1, and Call 2.
Dimension: 16.5 x 4.2 x 2.2cm.
Strap length 202 (mm).
GSM positioning accuracy: 100-500m.

This device is of non-waterproof design.
This device must work with the cooperation of GSM/GPRS network.
Make sure that the SIM card has sufficient balance in order to avoid inconvenience in use.
This device will not be able to work in case of power-off and out of the service area, even if you are a registered user.
This device supports the dual positioning mode of GPS and GSM/GPRS.
Please use this device in a legal area, any illegal consequence will be borne by the user

Package Includes:-

GPS Wrist Watch Cell phone
Battery Charger (100-240v)
3.7 V 500MmAh Rechargeable Battery (x2)
EU Power Plug Adapter
USB Cable