Spy Walkie Talkie Watches

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Spy Walkie Talkie Watches

Spy Walkie Talkie Watches

Code No:- 062

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Spy Walkie Talkie Watches

Active India Digital Products invented Spy Walkie-talkie watches for you. As you all know, Walkie-Talkie is well known as a hand-held transceiver, and is portable, two-way radio transceiver.
It is invented in Second World War, but they are bigger in size difficult to hold it. Active India made a revolutionary change in walkie-talkie design. Now you don't need to put it to your hand
you just need to tie it on your hand like a wristwatch. We invented the personal walkie-talkie known as Family Radio Service (FRS) are also sometimes used as toys because mass-production
makes them low cost, they have proper super-heterodyne receivers and are a useful communication tool for both professional and personal purposes. If it senses no transmission within 5
seconds, it automatically switches to power save mode. However it can still receive transmission during this mode.

Another outstanding feature for this unit is it has auto squelch feature. This means the system will automatically cut off weak transmissions and unwanted noise due to terrain conditions
and range limitations.

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Half-duplex channel (only one radio transmits at a time, though any number can listen) and a "push-to-talk" (PTT) switch that starts transmission.
Unique Hand-flexing operation feature voice communicator.
Operating range up to 1.5 miles.
Frequency range 462MHz.
0.35 output power.
CTCSS (continuous tone control), auto squelch and battery saving.
Internal VOX (voice operated transmit).
24-hour wristwatch.
Black light display screen.
Re-chargeable power source: Lithium Ion batteries
Light in weight and compact wrist watch, stylish in design and operated conveniently with a simple flex on your wrist.
This is ideal to stay connected with family or with fellow Agents, friends at parks, shopping malls, sporting events, and virtually any indoor or outdoor activities and save your mobile bills.
Circuit designed to dramatically extend battery life.
Durable plastic housing with Backlight for LCD display screen and adjustable wrist strap.

Package Includes:-

3.5mm jack socket for use with earphones.
Digital volume control.
User manual in English and Hindi.