Spy Camera In Glasses Cover

Code No:- 235 Cash On Delivery Available

Spy Camera In Glasses Cover

Spy Camera In Glasses Cover

Code No:- 235

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Warranty:- 1 Years

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Spy Camera In Glasses Cover

Our SPY GLASSES COVER DVR gives you the ability to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important. Ideal for hidden camera use where wireless camera can be detected easily with a wireless camera detector.


  • Dimension:look like a normal SPY GLASSES COVER DVR
  • Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.
  • It??s great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam etc.
  • Real time recording in AVI video format (1280x960)
  • Color video with voice lets you clearly see who??s there & hear what they say.
  • There??s no long cord for you to hide or Wireless frequency to detect.
  • Use micro SD card from 128MB to 32GB ( 4GB included)
  • Playback video on cell phone or PC AND NOW ALSO OIN MOBILE.

In This Packed Include

  • COVER: High Quality
  • Manual: User manual In ENGLISH AND HINDI.
  • Accessories: 110-240 V USB wall Charger.
  • Memory Parameters
  • Micro SD / T-Flash card support: 128 MB to 32 GB
  • Video file size : > 500 KB per minute
  • Internal Memory : 4GB MICRO SD CARD