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Stun Gun benifits and uses.

When it comes to women and senior citizens security we don’t leave any stone unturned and always come up with innovative ideas and precautionary measures to eradicate the crime rates against them completely but it is not feasible hence one has to do something for one’s safety. Carrying a knife or a gun this doesn’t even sound practical so what to do? Keeping in mind the situation we have launched stun guns in India which one can carry along with oneself and use if needed. Stun Gun is a self defense weapon which is used for security to safeguard one from any kind of trouble. The device indices electric shock in the body of the attacker as soon as that person is attacked with stun gun leaving that person unconscious for approximately few minutes or hours and meanwhile the time that person lays unconscious you can escape and seek help. In many countries law enforcement agencies are allowed to use this gun and to maintain peace and harmony among people and society.

Many women live alone away from their families due to work and have to shift their base because the company is situated either in another state of at the extreme end while senior citizens too live alone as their family members are out to work and the neighborhood knows that senior citizens are alone during this time hence prompting burglars to attack their house as they can be overpowered easily but with having stun gun they can deter and kind of chaos and can feel safe therefore Stun Guns in Delhi is crucial and with respect to safety concerns it is the need of the hour. It is portable that is it can be carried along anywhere and easily fits in bags, purse. We have wide range of products like ultra compact stun gun, self defense stun gun, mobile phone stun gun, expandable type stun gun, lipstick stun gun, aviation aluminum stun gun and many more. Anyone can use it as it is not heavy like normal guns perhaps it is so light that it can be fitted into bags, vehicles. The Stun Gun can be fitted into a mobile phone, lipstick, torchlight therefore no one can suspect that you are carrying a gun as a safety device. Stun gun is an indisposed weapon that disables a person momentarily with an electric shock. The compact handheld stun gun is of the size of a TV remote or calculator and they must come in contact with the subject when touched. They are designed to provide a ranged non-lethal weapon without causing any casualty yet taking full control of the situation.

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