Self Defense Cell Phone

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Spy Bull Stun Gun

Self Defense Cell Phone Style Stun Gun 2 Lakh Volt

Code No:- SGO3

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Self Defense Cell Phone Style Stun Gun 2 Lakh Volt

This is a Mobile Stun Gun which has a unique design that gives you an advantage unlike any other type of self defense weapon on the market today. It has a pover of 200,000 volts. This is a boxed packed item and comes with Mobile stun gun, charger, box, belt holster, and manual. It is a stun gun disguised as a cell phone to create a low-key and unnoticeable appearance for personal protection. The attacker won't even notice that you have a powerful self defense weapon in your hand and ready to use. A surprise counter-attack is crucial for a successful escape. Cell phone stun gun is definitely one of the best self defense weapons created for personal protection of our time.

This device can be said to be a disguised stun gun because it looks like a normal mobile phone so when one is attacked by it the person will not even have a idea about that it is a stun gun and will not take any protective measures so it will be quite easy to attack someone who is going to hurt you as it is powerful enough to make a person lie unconscious for half an hour.