Police Stun Baton With Built in Torch Function

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Spy Self defence Stun-Gun

Police Stun Baton With Built in Torch Function

Code No:- SG04

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Warranty:- 1 Years

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Police Stun Baton With Built in Torch Function

Product Summary:

Police Stun Baton with built-in Torch Function, 120db Siren, built-in Charger, Safety Pin plus Double Shock feature (Point Shock Prongs & Double Side Shock Plates). Police Stun Baton is a excellent new self defence heavy duty stun baton to keep in your car for Anti Smash & Grab, ideal to keep next to your bed at night for self defence against intruders.

  • Quality, Power & Durability
  • Voltage 2000KV (2 Million Volts)
  • Direct Shock Point Prongs Shock Side Plates - Extra Shocking Feature Anti Snatch
  • Trickle Charge Shock
  • Built-in 120db Siren - On/Off
  • Built-in Bright Torch
  • Built-in Charger
  • Safety Pin & Strap
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Stand by Charge 2 - 4 Months
  • Length 345mm - Width 45mm - Height 45mm
  • Weight 600 grams
  • Charger & Holster Include

This device is a bit larger than the other stun guns and it is usually termed as stun baton which can be kept in a scooty or a car and if any problem arises while travelling alone then can be your survivor which will make everybody who comes near you to fall to the ground as their muscles will stop reacting for them for a brief period of time which will be enough for you to go to a safe place.